What is Holistic Treatment for Herpes?

Having herpes is something millions of people deal with and in order to prevent it from overtaking your life, you must be proactive about treating it and spreading it to anyone else. Genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus and appears as blisters which break and create open sores on the genital area.  There is no cure for herpes, but with the aid of antivirals and holistic treatment for herpes methods, you can still live a normal life.

How common is herpes?

One in every six people have herpes, according to information from the United States Centers for Disease Control.  In the past ten years, the percentage of people with herpes has remained stable and the disease is more common in women than in men.  Transmission between an infected male is more likely than a man transmitting it from an infected female, which is why if you are sexually active you should always know your partner well and be tested for STDs.  If you have herpes, though there is no cure, you can find an array of ways in which to treat it using conventional methods and you can also benefit from exploring holistic herpes treatment options as well.

What can happen if you allow herpes to remain untreated?

If you do not go to the doctors to be tested for herpes or you have the disease and dont seek treatment, there are a variety of things which could occur.  Genital herpes is a very painful condition and in cases of people with a compromised immune system, complications can be quite severe.

Genital herpes could lead to a fatal infections in babies and it is very important for a woman to avoid contracting this STD during pregnancy, because it can transmit to the developing fetus.  If a woman has an active outbreak of herpes during delivery, the doctor will deliver the via c-section to prevent transmission.  By getting tested for STDs regularly if you change sexual partners, using condoms and always practicing safe sex, you can avoid contracting herpes. However, if you have contracted the disease and want to know more about holistic herpes treatments, it can be a good idea to talk to a holistic health practitioner.

What are some holistic treatment for herpes methods you can try?

Genital herpes is most often treated using a combination of drugs to suppress the virus and lifestyle modifications to prevent recurrences of outbreaks and to avoid spreading the virus to someone else.  There are also holistic herpes treatments which you can use to improve your health and make it easier to live with the disease.

Why should you try holistic treatment for herpes?

If you want to find healthy, natural ways of treating herpes and managing to live with the disease, you can talk to your doctor about holistic herpes treatments.  By using a combination of conventional medicine and holistic methods for treating herpes you can find the best way of controlling your outbreaks, alleviate the painful symptoms and have the most normal quality of life possible.

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